Random Sub Generator

9 October 2005

I am no longer living or working in the same place I was when I created this program, and as such I am not as current on Subway sandwiches. For example I know that Subway (in Nova Scotia anyway) had changed the way that they price their subs, but I do not have that information available here. In fact this generator is like a snapshot in time back to April 2005.

Are you a frequent Subway patron? Are you just tired of your usual fare and can't decide what to get? Want to try something new but don't know what would be good?

Yes? Perfect. You are in the right spot as this is the Subway Random Sub Generator.


The toppings and prices are those available at the Subway in which I eat lunch every day. That is the prices are Canadian as are the selection of toppings, more specifically the toppings available at the Subway restaurant in the IWK hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

For the fearless:


Just check the boxes next to the items that you refuse to eat — if you won't eat more than you will eat, maybe this isn't the best tool for you.




OK this is now different than the top button! This actually takes into consideration the ommissions you require above. And it performs some basic sanity checks on the sub to at least make it editable. It is still possible to get a sub with 5 sauces say — but much less likely now.